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Turning today's waste into tomorrow's energy.

Complete Solutions Consulting International Inc. a sustainable energy company, turning today’s waste into tomorrows energy. We offer services ranging from Feasibility Studies through to Construction Management Services, in Waste to Energy applications. We offer solutions to current waste challenges through innovative technologies. When combined, these technologies provide waste treatment and energy generation, through heat and electricity. 

The company utilizes international relationships resulting in a broad supply chain and multi-national alliances. While based in Canada, Complete Solutions will execute projects world wide, with experienced Project Management on every project.

We strive to exceed the status quo when it comes to waste management systems, both in solid waste and liquid waste streams. The Circular Economy created when utilizing our technologies result in a positive outcome for all stakeholders, including the environment.

Critical to the success of our systems are our technology partners:


Baleen International:

Baleen Filters Pty Limited based in Adelaide, Australia; with worldwide offices was incorporated in 1999 to commercialize an internationally patented filter technology, specifically designed for micro-screening suspended matter from water.

Led by professional expertise in management, marketing, engineering and customer support services, the company also benefits from multi-national alliances in supply, marketing and sales. Formation of strategic alliances is a continual focus of the company and relationships are being sought with government, business, regulatory and industrial bodies involved with the environmental sector.



The formation of Source2Source Inc. (S2S) reflects the emergence of a creative interdisciplinary practice at the forefront of environmental design and hydraulics engineering. As civic populations rise and increasing pressures are placed on our environments, S2S’s philosophy is that innovative design approaches will be required. The need to provide a well-integrated, multidisciplinary approach to environmental design has never been more apparent.

S2S specializes in providing practical stormwater and wastewater solutions for communities using low cost and easy to maintain biofiltration systems. 


Biomass Energy Techniques:

BioMass Energy Techniques Inc led by president, Henry Giesbrecht, is developing the next dimension in renewable energy, and is constantly innovating with new techniques to solve real world problems. Mr Giesbrecht’s background with a fabricating and machine shop in northern Alberta , and keen passion for efficient energy solutions, has positioned BioMass Energy Techniques as the leader in biomass energy solutions.

BioMass Energy Techniques has a prototype shop in Versailles, MO and performs research and product development in La Crete, AB. Both facilities are capable of production and assembly, as required, with several components being manufactured at partner facilities across North America.

Both Canadian and American operations are building around a dealer network that supports customer relations, installations, and maintenance.

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Our Energy from Waste systems will empower your team with the solution to your waste, energy, and water needs. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit  your carbon footprint, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.